COD-300 is three wired chemical type Carbon monoxide gas sensing Transmitter with long lifecycle and good accuracy.

∙ Application : Automatic indoor ventilation system, Industries and life safety

∙ CO Measurement Range : 0~250ppm (0~1,000 ppm option)

∙ Accuracy : ±3% F.S.

∙ Input Power : 3wired 24VDC ± 20%

∙ Output : 4~20mA(Default), 0~20/0~10/2~10V (option)

COD-300 DATASHEET DS_COD-300(LG)_ver1.0_Eng.pdf첨부파일


ELT Sensor is a company located in Korea and leads gas sensor technology with 20 years of experience and top technology in NDIR gas sensor field.

The module is an electrochemical "carbon monoxide" gas measurement module.
It is shipped after individual calibration and calibration before the product is shipped to ensure high accuracy and stability.

Carbon monoxide measurement sensors can be applied to various areas related to carbon monoxide poisoning, such as general residential environments, gas boiler carbon monoxide alarms, pensions, lodging facilities, camping, restaurants, industrial sites, gas stoves, and heaters.

By supporting the Analyst A-out output (4-20 mA (default), 0-20 mA, 0-10V, 2-10V), it can be easily applied and used in industrial sites by applying it to PLC and PC.