Monitor MB-350D/WD(SD CARD, WiFi)

MB-350 series is indoor air-quality monitor to help keeping clean and pleasant with precise measurement of CO2, CO, VOCs, Temperature and Humiduty, advising to ventilate on time with three colored-Green, Orange, Red-LEDs indicator and melody or buzzer alarm on detection high concentration gas.

∙ Application : Educational facilities, health care facilities, Refrigerators and other consumer electronics

∙ Measurement Range :

   CO2 0~10,000ppm

   CO 0~250ppm (1k optional)

   VOCs Benzene, Toluene, Cigarette smoke, etc.

∙ Accuracy :

   CO2 3% ±30ppm of reading

   CO 10%F.S.(0~100ppm), 15%F.S.(101~250ppm)

   Temp ±0.3℃ typical (-40℃ ~ 80℃)

   Humid ±2% RH typical (0~99%RH)

∙ Input Power : DC 12V/1A AC/DC adapter

∙ Output : LCD,  LED, Buzzer (Optional RS485-Modbus)