Transmitter CD-100 Series

CD-100 Series are one board type CO2 transmitters with either 3-wire or 4-wire, giving various current or voltage outputs selection : those setting can be changed at customer field as well.
CD-100M series support RS485-Modbs digital output instead analog, working as slave sensors. Automatic Calibration 10 minutes Manual Calibration function gives easier management and long life cycle.

∙ Application: Agricultural, Medical area

∙ CO2 Measurement Range : 0~2,000ppm (3k,5k,10k Optional)

∙ Accuracy : 5% ±30ppm of reading

∙ Input Power : 4wired 24VAC ± 20%, 50/60Hz / 3wired 24VDC ±20%"

∙ Output : 0~20/4~20mA, 0~10/2~10V (Optional) / RS485-Modbus

CD-100(LG) DATASHEET DS_CD-100(LG)_Ver1.4_Eng.pdf첨부파일 CD-100(LG)-BZ DATASHEET DS_CD-100(LG)-BZ_Ver1.0 (Eng).pdf첨부파일 CD-100M(LG) DATASHEET DS_CD-100M(LG) ver 1.1_eng.pdf첨부파일 CD-100M(LG)-HT DATASHEET DS_CD-100M(LG)-HT ver 1.2_eng.pdf첨부파일


ELT sensor is a company located in Korea and leads gas sensor technology with 20 years of experience and top technology in the NDIR gas sensor field.

This module is a "carbon dioxide" gas measurement module with non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) method.

It guarantees high accuracy and long-term stability through the development and production of its own sensors.

It provides high quality by shipping after individual correction and correction work before product release.

Carbon dioxide measurement sensors are environmental sensors such as indoor air quality monitors, air purifiers, building management, automobiles, livestock, industries, public places, agricultural use, CA storage, HVAC, and medical care.

Carbon dioxide concentration monitoring can manage and supervise carbon dioxide levels to prevent carbon dioxide poisoning and maintain comfortable indoor air quality. It can also be applied to vehicles, schools, and library offices to prevent drowsiness.