Transmitter CxHy-CD400 Series

CxHy-CD400(LG) are Electro-chemical type Carbon Hydrogen gas- detectable down to 50ppm of Methane, Ethylene, Propane, and Butane gas- Transmitter with relay, enable users change the factory default activation level  and hysteresis as needed.

∙ Application: Industries and life safety

∙ Measurement Range :

   0~100%LEL(0~50,000/27,000/21,000/18,000ppm CH4/C2H4/C3H8/C4H10)

∙ Accuracy: ±3% F.S

∙ Input Power: 24V DC, AC

∙ Output: 4~20mA, 2~10V, Relay(optional)

CxHy-CD400 DATASHEET CH4-CD400.pdf첨부파일