Refrigerators and other consumer electronics

ELT SENSOR’s sensor modules can be installed in consumer electronics to measure the indoor air quality.
It can be built in refrigerators, TV sets, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, and air fresheners to measure
the air quality and issue an alarm or send the data to the server through cable or wireless.

The accumulated data can be used in turn to understand the living pattern of households, determine if such living patterns are environmentally sound, and prevent health-related problems that are caused by bad quality of indoor air.

For example, if CO2 sensors built in refrigerators at households and large capacity refrigerators in the mart, users can check the state of food materials, attracting attention for their differentiation and effectiveness.

In short, ELT SENSOR’s CO2, C2H4 gas sensors are used for many kinds of applications which is closely correlated with our life by being applied in leak detection equipment of refrigerators and systems for ripening of fruits and so on.